FAQs - Frequently asked questions

I am interested in renting one of your apartments, how do I find out whether it’s available?
Please fill in the form indicating which one you’re interested in and for which dates, and e-mail it to me.

How much is the rent for your apartments?
Just get in touch with me by e-mail or telephone. Prices vary according to season and are thus not posted.

Is there a sofa-bed available for a third person in the living-room area?
All sofas are fold-outs. Yet, they’re not all that cozy. That is to say they’re all right if it’s just for a few nights, for young people, etc.

What is your check-in/check-out policy?
Arrivals/check-ins are handled from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Departures/check-outs are until 3 p.m. (with no extra charge). Later check-outs will involve paying for an extra half-day, until 8 p.m.

How will my reservation be confirmed?
Reservations will sole and exclusively be confirmed following a 30% payment of the total agreed for your stay.
You can send it via Western Union or through a friend, relative or contact in Buenos Aires.
Please take into consideration that until such booking has not been paid, the apartment will remain “available” for other interested parties.

What happens if I can’t make it or I need to modify the dates?
- If you cancel your trip and let us know 21 days in advance, then we will return 100% of your down payment.
- Between 20 and 10 days, 50% of your down payment.
- If you change your plans within 10 days of your anticipated arrival then we regret to inform you will be losing your down payment.
- If circumstances beyond control would force you to make these changes, then rest assured I will make every effort to find you a similar apartment without implied obligation on my part.

Do I need to pay security deposit?
That’s right, upon your arrival you will have to pay the balance of your stay and leave a security deposit of US$500 (five hundred US dollars) as “guarantee” in case of damages, etc. to the apartment. It will be reimbursed at check-out.

When and in what currency am I to pay for my stay?
Please keep in mind that upon arrival you will have to pay for your stay as well as the security deposit in either US dollars or in local currency. We suggest not to rely on local ATMs for the withdrawl of your money since there are local restraints and complications involved. You will not be able to check-in unless you pay the full amount of your stay and security deposit in advance.

What other expenses will I be accountable for?
None. All utilities such as gas, electricity, Internet/WiFi, local phone calls, water supply and cable TV are included in the rental price.

Why would I rent from you? Are you an agent?
I am the owner and/or direct administrator of these apartments. Therefore, when you rent directly from the proprietor (although several agents also have us listed) you do not pay any fees or commissions. Just the cost of rental!

Are there any other benefits involved in renting directly from you?
I offer one-on-one, 24/7, 100% tailored service and attention –something no agency will ever offer!!
My former clients/passengers are my best guarantee.